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Press for "They Killed Freddie Gray": 

Interview with Mother Jones.

Excerpt from the book in The Daily Beast, on manipulation of footage. 


Interview with WYPR-NPR.

Interview with The Appeal.


Interview with the Baltimore Fishbowl.

Interview with Baltimore Magazine

Interview with Status Coup News.

Article for Fairness and Accuracy in Media: "The Baltimore Sun's Reckoning on Freddie Gray."

Interview with Black Power Media.

Interview on WPFW - The Collision (at 33:20).

Article for CrimeReads: "When True Crime Meets Police Brutality"

Interview for "By Any Means Necessary" (Sputnik) radio show (at 29:00).

Interview with TheGrio.


"Life After the Impact" podcast interview. 

Interview with KC Pitch

Interview with Davis Vanguard's "Everyday Injustice" podcast. 

Interview with the WriterCon podcast.


"Barron debuts with an impassioned account...  She debunks the Baltimore police department’s account in meticulous, point-by-point detail... Barron’s writing is powered by outrage over Gray’s death and the failure to hold anyone accountable. Readers will be troubled."—Publisher's Weekly

"Complex, dense in detail, and sharply argued: a firm indictment of injustice committed on the street and in the courtroom."—Kirkus Reviews

"A fascinating, intriguing look at police and political abuse of those caught up in the criminal justice system... This 'You Are There' format gives the reader entree into the final moments of Freddie Gray’s life and allows the reader to experience the uniqueness of those connected. I wholeheartedly endorse this work and encourage all to experience the constitutional abuse of power first hand."—Sgt. Ron Stallworth (Ret.),  author of "Black Klansman"

"Required reading for anyone who thinks policing will be fixed or justice achieved by civilian review boards, progressive prosecutors, blue-ribbon panels, or high-paid 'police reformers.' Barron makes clear that abusive policing is business as usual for Baltimore's political class."—Alex Vitale, author of "The End of Policing"

"The fullest story of Freddie Gray's death to date." - Baltimore Magazine

"If there is to be a seminal text investigating the truth about the killing of Gray and the ensuing cover-up, this book will be it."Rabia Chaudry, author of "Adnan's Story" (from the foreword)

"Meticulous and engrossing, They Killed Freddie Gray provides a multifaceted analysis of the investigative, prosecutorial, and journalistic shortcomings that characterized the aftermath of Freddie Gray's arrest. Unearthing new details, it reveals the cover-up that has kept the full story from us until now... This book explains why and how justice was not done, and why the city, and the country, should still feel no peace."—Stuart Schrader, author of "Badges Without Borders: How Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing."

"Meticulously researched, genuinely gripping, and compelling in its conclusions." - Colin Miller, "Undisclosed" podcast

GoodReads Reviews



June 12, 6pm PST - Writers Boot Camp speaker's series (online). Link


August 10, 7pm - Red Emma's in Baltimore: Panel discussion including activist Tawanda Jones, community organizer Ray Kelly, and eyewitness Sierria Warren. Moderated by Eze Jackson. Link 

August 22, 6pm PST - City Lights in San Francisco, CA (online): Virtual panel discussion with author Rabia Chaudry, author Alex Vitale, eyewitness Sierria Warren. Moderated by Kim Brown. Link. Video from event.

August 24 - Bard's Alley in Vienna, VA: Discussion with author Wesley Lowery and journalist/investigator Amelia McDonell-Parry. Link  

September 2, 3pm - Charm City Books in Baltimore, MD: A conversation with author/Johns Hopkins professor Stuart Schrader. Link

September 7, 7pm - Politics & Prose in Washington, DC: Discussion with activist April Goggans, attorney Susan Simpon, and author Wesley Lowery. Moderated by activist/journalist Chuck Modi. Link. Video from event.

September 12, 7pm - Books & Books in Coral Gables, FL with Carlos Miller, Chuck Strouse. Moderated by Frank Alvarado. Link

October 3, 9pm - "Life after the Impact"  taped podcast (virtual) with Latoya Benton and Roxane Johnson. Link

November 28, 7pm (virtual) - Georgetown Day School, History Speakers Series.

February 10 - South Florida Mango Writers Conference, keynote speaker.


August 10 launch event at Red Emma's bookstore. Photo by Megan Kenny.

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