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Justine Barron ​writes for print and online media, film, TV, podcasts, and stage. Her work has appeared in The Appeal, Miami Herald, Rolling Stone, FAIR, Baltimore Beat, Baltimore Fishbowl, Baltimore Brew,  Jewish Journal, Devastator Quarterly, and WLRN-NPR. Her own investigative stories and fight for transparency have been picked up by major news outlets, including AP News, the Baltimore Sun, and the Intercept. For her work on Baltimore, she was named a 2021 Best of Baltimore winner in Baltimore Magazine. Justine was a frequent guest of the Real News "Stir Crazy" show and has appeared on numerous other podcasts and talk shows. She is also an acclaimed live storyteller and has won the Moth storytelling competition four times. ​


In 2023, Justine published "They Killed Freddie Gray: The Anatomy of a Police Brutality Cover-Up" (Arcade Publishing). The book is the result of an investigation she began with Amelia McDonell-Parry for the "Undisclosed" podcast in 2017 and covers new evidence obtained over the years since. She writes about Baltimore crime and corruption at The Suiter Files.​ She also writes about disability and crime at Criminalizing Disability.


Justine has provided writing and consulting services for dozens of political and nonprofit organizations, including proposals and speeches. She has also taught writing to adult and college students. She attended Johns Hopkins and Duke Universities, attaining degrees in English Literature. ​

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