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Justine Barron ​writes for film, TV, podcasts, stage, and print and online media. Her work has appeared in The Appeal, Miami Herald, Rolling Stone, FAIR Media, Baltimore Beat, Baltimore Fishbowl, Baltimore Brew,  Jewish Journal, Devastator Quarterly, Undisclosed Podcast, WLRN-NPR and on stages across the country. She wrote and produced live comedy shows, including at the Hollywood Improv. She has won the Moth storytelling competition four times. 

Justine Barron has provided writing and consulting services for dozens of political and social organizations, from community based organizations to major universities and policy organizations. Here's ​an interview in Roll Call Magazine about writing speeches for politicians. She has also taught writing at the college level.

In 2016, Justine Barron pursued her longtime interest in crime and justice by investigating and writing about the death of Freddie Gray while in Baltimore police custody for the Undisclosed Podcast. She continues to dive deep into Baltimore crime and media.

Justine Barron has a hard time talking about herself directly.


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