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Investigative Journalism

"The big problem with Marilyn Mosby's innocence campaign," Slate

"How Baltimore cops doctored footage of Freddie Gray's arrest," The Daily Beast


"Thiru Vignarajah threatens to sue news outlet, blocks publication of story about reported abuse," The Suiter Files


"Freddie Gray: Five years later," The Appeal, presenting never-before-disclosed evidence. 

"Thiru on Greenmount," The Suiter Files, a mayoral candidate is caught on police body camera footage. (Follow up story)

"Climate of vulnerability: What a recent prostitution sting reveals about Commissioner Harrison, policing, and sex work in Baltimore," Baltimore Beat.

Three-part investigative series on the death of Detective Sean Suiter, The Suiter Files

"Omissions in audio and video evidence undermine Suiter suicide conclusion," Baltimore Brew

"The Impossible Story," six-part investigative series on the death of Detective Sean Suiter, Jewish Journal

"How a Facebook post about a smashed window brought the squeegee kids dispute to a fever pitch," Baltimore Fishbowl

"The impossible story: An investigation into the shooting death of Detective Sean Suiter," Jewish Journal (six-part series)

"Some dark-ish money and tangled interests behind the Baltimore Police Department," The Suiter Files

"Death of Freddie Gray: five things you didn't know," Rolling Stone

Media Criticism


"Baltimore's media nightmare and the billionairification of news." Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)


"Baltimore's new nonprofit outlook looks like same old corporate news," FAIR

"The Baltimore Sun's reckoning on Freddie Gray," FAIR

"When true crime meets police brutality," CrimeReads

"National media promote ‘progressive’ Baltimore prosecutor, ignoring local and alternative exposés," FAIR

"Media elevate eugenicists, sideline disabled voices in discussions of Covid rationing," FAIR

"The fictional Baltimore Memorial Day riot," The Suiter Files


Cultural/Personal Essays

"The pandemic do-gooders," Litro Magazine

"We are all in NXIVM," Endgendered

"The #FreeBritney Movement abandoned disabled people," Criminalizing Disability 

"The other friends lost to Covid," Medium

"How re-opening is retraumatizing for a 9/11 survivor," Invisible Illness Magazine

"How to prove that you're an ally for women in comedy," Medium

"There's no way out of rape culture but through it: Women, comedy, and internet justice," Jewish Journal

"True crime podcasts and the profileration of bizarrely unfair cases," Jewish Journal 

"Waiting for Serial: Some true crime podcast themes and recommendations," Jewish Journal

Film/TV Scripts

Treatments and full scripts available upon request. Also provide full scripts, treatments, and punch-ups for hire for production companies.

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Film/TV Writing - "Best Fresh Voice" at the Female Eye Film Festival; Writers Boot Camp Fellowship; Finalist/selection in Final Draft Big Break Contest, Page International Competition, Stowe Story Labs, Fade In Awards, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Broad Humor Film Festival. Storytelling - Four-time Moth StorySlam winner; two-time Top Tale winner; Shotgun Storyworthy winner​.​Journalism - "Best of Baltimore," Baltimore Magazine 2021.

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